• Jul 13,2019

5 Compelling reasons for embracing ways to boost your sales

In today’s tech-savvy era, mobile devices are dominating the information technology ecosystem. Mobile
devices are spearheading internet traffic generation by taking a lion’s share.

This has led developers to meticulously develop native mobile software solutions. The influx of more
developers towards mobile software solutions can be considered as a paradigm shift.

In 2017 alone, 197 billion times native mobile app downloads were reported across various platforms.
Lately, more and more businesses are venturing into app development domain.

Developing a mobile application has become a quintessential step as compared to website development.

Well, the downside to the native mobile application is they are costly to develop and certainly acquire
significant storage and data on the user’s device. Storage management and slow internet connectivity play
a pivotal role in determining the efficiency of a native mobile app.

Considering these factors Progressive Web App (PWA) technology was developed to retain mobile customers
rendering an App-like experience but with a diverse range of evolution as compared to conventional mobile

While PWAs guarantees enriched user experience but few web browsers may restrict its holistic approach by
not offering assimilation of different sensors or geo-location. To troubleshoot this shortfall, developers
are consistently fine-tuning the approach and getting revolutionary breakthroughs to encompass everything
in a nutshell.

Here are 5 benefits of PWAs

Economical development expenditure

The iconic feature of PWAs is that they have a cross-disciplinary outlook in terms of the operating
system via the same build. They are capable of operating across all platforms.

Native mobile apps, on the other hand, are supposed to be built separately for android and IOS platform
and for browsers, you need a different approach. Consequently making the whole process time consuming,
tiresome and costly especially when you want to add new features or any substantial update.

PWAs has embedded all internet browsers and OS in a single ecosystem which lowers the development and
maintenance cost drastically.

This paradigm shift has kept the users intact even if users decide to change the operating system. PWAs
renders universal cross-platform cohesive approach which has simplified the user engagement.

Economical development expenditure

Say goodbye to storage woes

It becomes very frustrating sometimes to exclusively install an application just to browse across various
products and maybe shop for it.

For instance, customer stumbling across the mobile page of an E-commerce website with an intent to
purchase a product on flash sale but sadly it is for a limited time and customer can only execute purchase via a native mobile app. He follows the suit and installs the app but all the prerequisites are demanding
and repercussions can be products going out of stock etc.

Needless to say but the installation of application requires storage space which can be an issue if the
user already has various app on his phone installed!

PWAs nullify all these obligations as a customer can smoothly enjoy the enriched experience of a native
app without a need to install it separately.

PWAs allows quick access to a web page and faster load time and more importantly you will be needing the
least amount of space to surf across a PWA.

Experience higher conversion rates

Investing in resources related to application development creates common anticipation for a reasonable
return through higher conversion and re-engagement rate.

As a case study holds a testimony spearheaded by Flipkart after they integrated PWA into their strategy
named FLIPKART LITE, there was a dramatic surge of 70% in conversion and 40% enhancement in re-engagement

Since Flipkart adopted new technology called PWA, visitors were spending time 3 times more than native
mobile app user engagement. The inception of PWAs proved to be a game changer for every company who
embraced it proactively.

No updates required

No updates required

Native apps demand regular updates to interact with the latest features. Simultaneously if upgrading an
app which has a large update, for example, Facebook, a user in the first place may shy away to update his
app when using mobile data otherwise he might be reaching the threshold of monthly data allowance!

PWAs overrides this problem as they are akin to websites and updates occur when in a subtle way! As soon
as user reloads or opens a website again, you will see a revamped version of a website.

Unlike native apps, PWAs does not update in the background or before launching a native app! There is no
need for approval from the play store or such sorts of obligations. Updates happen in real time and any
bug or crucial issue is fixed in less time frame.

Progressive web apps are great for seo

Apart from perks like low data usage, alleviating data woes and economical cost for adopting a PWA
disposition. They can also boost the accessibility and searchability of your dedicated native app.
PWAs load time is as like a 100-yard dash by Usain Bolt! Nothing comes close to its load time. Uber’s PWA
takes merely 2 seconds to load and this has exponentially enhanced ranking as faster loading sites receive
a ranking boost in search engine rankings.
So what are you waiting for? Embed PWAs into your marketing

What does future behold for PWA?

There is no denial of the aforementioned facts and amazing benefits it furnishes. In a nutshell, PWAs are
itself a future. whilst Chrome and Firefox are the best mobile browsers to experience the full potential
of PWAs.

There is a heavy influx of more companies in the adoption of PWA technology. From startups to
full-fledged businesses all are embracing the raw power of PWAs. It is certainly improving the way a
customer interacts with a business.

10 Best progressive web apps examples

The secret sauce for success and profitability for any venture is efficient performance. It is a bedrock
which can credibly boost your business to new horizons. PWAs plays a crucial role to revamp the

Here is a list of accomplished companies from different diasporas which has embedded PWA technology to
their strategy.

  • UBER