• Sep 17,2019

It is predicted that by the year 2020, the smartphone App downloads will scale the figure of $284 billion, and $184 billion share will be of non-gaming applications.

From the above statistics, it is a no-brainer to say that smartphone applications are not just for renewed brands. SMEs worldwide too are spending huge money to reach a broader audience base through their dedicated mobile App.

Businesses apps today are acting as a direct marketing channel, connecting businesses to their prospective audience. The well-crafted B2C App serves a manifold of functions: providing general information about the products/services, news feed, user accounts, etc.

Mobiles applications hold the rudimentary fort for establishing the brand identity in the targeted markets.

So, by now, you are decided on having a dedicated mobile application to drive your business forward to the next level of growth & evolution, thus improving the bottom line.

However, now you are in a dilemma whether I should hire an in-house panel of app coders or outsource the project? Well, it is complicated, but in this post, we’ve rounded up five reasons outsourcing your app development project is a smart and rewarding decision.


1. Cost Saving

When you outsource a process which isn’t the core of your organization, similar to the case of mobile application development-then, you can save money by reducing the resources, infrastructure, and overhead costs.

Also, you can avail the perks of high-efficiency and improved productivity, with complete peace of mind.

Outsourcing doesn’t just cut down on the expenses, also reduces the burden from the shoulder of your workforce, as they can focus on other projects that bring revenue to the company. Several studies in the recent past suggest that the cost of the app development project may cost 50-75% less than the same project performed in-house.


2. Time-Saving

Time is an essence for any IT development project. When proficient coders united working round the clock on your application, you can expect the product to be delivered faster than when you do it in-house.

First, you must have on board a professional app developer with a wealth of experience and practical industry ability, and this can take time. Therefore, outsourcing is the best option, there is no need to devote your human resources to recruit, hire, and train.


3. Lack of Professional Expertise


If your company is not in App development business, then your in-house team in all likelihood will lack the technicalities and knowledge of up-to-date technologies to deliver quality products successfully.

When your contract an offshore app development company, you can expect the product to be sound and systematic, in line with best-in-class industry standards. This is simple to understand when you outsource your app development, and you hand it over to people those having years of experience working with global clients of diverse industry sectors.

In a nutshell, you have knowledgeable professionals having a relevant set of skills, planning your bespoke app development strategy.

To build a professional-grade application in-house, you must find resources that match your expectations.


4. Better Use of Online Tools/Software

Any mobile app development process requires the assistance of a myriad of tools/software, right from the time of devising the framework of the application to its final testing.

When you hire a mobile app development agency, you don’t need to invest in the paid versions of several valuable tools.


5. Peace of Mind

When you ink a deal with mobile application development, you simply put aside burden off your mind as all the possible project risks are handed over to your outsourcing company. They manage everything, right from delivering the best quality product and that too on-time-there isn’t a scope of delay.

Also, if the company does not deliver, then you can end the contract anytime and receive the money back. The money-back-guarantee term is typically mentioned in the agreement.

However, there are several shortcomings with outsourcing your development project, and these are as follows:

  • The Problem of Miscommunication
  • Lack of Quality Control
  • Confidential Information Leakage


5 Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring an App Development Company

  • Can You Show Your Previously Built App Related To My Industry?
  • What App Development Process You Adhere?
  • How Experienced Your App Coders Are?
  • What is Your Approach To the User-Experience aspect of App?
  • Are You Going To Submit the Developed App To the Android/iPhone Play Store?


Let’s Wrap Up

What are your views or personal reviews on hiring a professional app development agency? Share them in the comment section of this blog post.