• Sep 17,2019

By the year 2020, it is forecasted that the App industry will accomplish $185 billion in revenue.

Do you know smartphone applications are responsible for 57% of Internet usage? Not just that, on average, a smartphone owner uses around 30 apps a month.

From these latest statistics, one thing is for sure that the app industry is one of the fastest-growing segments in the new world economy. This is mainly because smartphones in the last decade have become the remote of human lives, thanks to mobile Apps those let us play games, play online games, connect with your friends across borders, listen to your favorite music, and so much more.

Not only the online retail sector, but just about every industry today is being benefited from explosive popularity of smartphone applications.

These days, so many startups and SMEs worldwide are interacting with their customers via their dedicated business apps: -be it home-service beauticians, food outlets or even local plumbing companies. They all have been one step ahead of the game when it comes to promoting their products/services.

So, whether you are a forthcoming product startup or a young business craving to strengthen the bottom line, here, in this post, we’ve rounded up top reasons investing in a mobile application can prove to be a game-changer. So, let’s check it out-


Promote Your Brand

The mobile applications let small businesses survive & thrive in markets those costs dominated by industry giants. Having a dedicated mobile app plays an integral role in building trust, which is pivotal to your overall brand growth. Your prospective audience will develop an interest in your offerings.

By investing in a mobile application, you can cut down on the costs of other promotional techniques such as newspaper or billboard advertisement, and concentrate more on digital marketing.


Better Engage with Your Audience



With a tailored mobile app-, that meets your specific business needs & upcoming challenges- you interact with your customers in real-time efficiently. Whether you are selling your products/services or running an opinion poll, a mobile app lets you engage with your customers.

A good business never ends the buyer-seller relationship promptly after the purchase. For a business to build long-term relationships, you must give your customers a platform that empowers them to conveniently connect to the company in case of any query or problem. The mobile apps support you achieve just that!


Obtain Feedback

Your customers always have something to say about your products/services- it may be a positive review, a suggestion for future improvements, or perhaps a complaint-all these are an integral part of doing business in today’s highly competitive world.

If your company has a mobile app, then your customers can easily download it and have the freedom to say what they want to. This, in turn, can provide your business with valuable insights on how to improve your products/services, thus enhancing the customer satisfaction rate and weaving long-term business relations.


A Direct Marketing Channel

Compared to websites, mobile apps are far more powerful for marketing your products & services. A mobile app serves manifold purposes, right from presenting fundamental info about your products/services to the customers, notifications, news feed, and much more.

One of the key advantages of hiring a reliable mobile app development company is that the information- exclusive deals and upcoming sales- they provide to the users are direct at their fingertips.

A smartphone user doesn’t have to search the browser to connect with the company, and as your business is right onto their screen. In addition, with push notifications, customer interactions are even more direct and meaningful. Plus, you can remind them of your products/services whenever it makes sense.


Expand Your Customer Base

Once your business application is accessible on multiple platforms, and you’ve advertised both organic and paid marketing, the possibilities are good that more people will install your app. However, this mainly depends on how you market your business application. When the app is installed on their smartphones, the odds are on the high side that they’ll purchase your products/services.

Moving one step forward, you can integrate your business app to various social profiles in your pursuit to gain a broader audience base.


Final Words

No matter, you own a struggling business or a startup with promising prospects, a mobile app can help to build an assertive company image in the market.